CANVAS tote bag



Current color: Black

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Our Decadent tote bag has simple, wide carrying straps that do not curl when used. It is crafted from a strong cotton quality and has a printed Decadent logo on the side. The color and quality match our new dust bags, in which all our bags are delivered. The tote bag can be used to transport your computer, for running errands or as an alternative to a plastic bag when grocery shopping. In addition, it can be used to protect your bag on rainy days and thus extend the life of your new best friend.

Style no. 14

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All our bags are handmade in a small, family-owned production facility in Turkey. Decadent holds an especially strong bond with this factory, and they have been a part of our journey since the beginning, when Karina produced her very first bag. This relationship ensures the best possible quality for all our products and builds upon orderly conditions which we can vouch for both ethically and environmentally. Read about our commitment here.

Care Guide
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All of our bags and accessories are made from high-quality leather and in order to significantly prolongate the lifetime of your items, they should be properly cared for. A leather product should always be cared for before use with a leather balm and/or a protection spray, which protects against rain, dirt, spots, etc. The treatment should be repeated once or twice a year because it helps preserve the leather’s lifetime. You can find additional information on how your product should be cared for specifically, depending on the leather quality or material, in our Care Guide.

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