Decadent Copenhagen, a name that speaks of luxury, refinement, and versatility.

Unpretentious sophistication, branded not by logo, but by an overall aesthetic consisting of quality leather and simple design intertwined with incredible functionality.

Decadent Totes

Our famous and light tote collection has one shape and comes in four different sizes; Eloise, Stella, Teddy and Minna. Where some of them has multiple carrying options and include detachable and adjustable straps to transition seamlessly from handbag to crossbody bag.

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Decadent Working Bags

Rina the first bag in the Decadent collection, embodies Danish design with an understated elegance with no compromises when it some to workmanship and quality. All of our working bags are convenient for work and fit perfectly into your daily routine as they are so versatile and durable.

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Three sisters, three sizes, one silhouette.

A sister is loyal and caring, she will be there to hold your hand, carry your belongings, be your best friend and stay by your side no matter the place you’re going.