AW22 The Invincibility Collection

AW22 The Invincibility Collection


This past year has been filled with uncertainty, but when push comes to shove, we are still standing stronger than ever before. Like a diamond in the rough, rolling in the water, shaped, and sharpened with every wave.

Diamonds are the strongest substance on earth, and they will remain as everything else perishes around them. Decadent is a multifaceted brand spun on both classic aesthetics spiced up with versatility and playfulness, yet our core values of raw material, craftsmanship, design, and love, forms an unbreakable wall like the sides of a diamond. Diamonds symbolize both health, strength, and love and as we are moving into a new season, trying to predict the future, we pride ourselves on creating long-lasting, wearable gems to have and to hold for a lifetime. As all classics, they only grow better with time.

This collection strips it back with colors inspired by nature and introduces a new silky smooth and shiny leather quality called Diamond, perfectly embodying our inextinguishable love for the unexpected.

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