PF22 The Invincibility Collection

PF22 The Invincibility Collection


We can finally unveil our PF22 The Invincibility Collection. 

The past year has been full of uncertainty, but when it comes to enduring, we are stronger than ever. Like a rough diamond,
rolling in the water, shaped and sharpened with each wave. This collection is full of colors inspired by nature and introduces a new silky soft and shiny
leather quality called Diamond that perfectly embodies our unquenchable love of the unexpected.

This season, warm Vanilla Yellow, monochrome Canvas, soft Clay and natural Thyme Green are introduced on
both iconic classics and our new girls. You will find classics such as Meryl, Stella, Teddy and Nicky as well as new girls
Lexie, Lois, Gillian, Teresa, Patti, Sophia, Tracy, Willow, Camilla and Cathrine.


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