Little Louisiana

Little Louisiana

We are pleased to share the latest feature of our Owner & Creative Director, Karina Mundt Holst's house, Little Louisiana in Plaza Magazine.

Please find an extract from the article below.

The house is designed by the architect duo behind the Danish Art Museum Louisiana, Jørgen Bo, and Vilhelm Wohlert, and is located outside of Copenhagen. The similarities can be seen directly in the horizontal facade and the high panoramic windows. Just as the museum blends into nature, Karina's house almost seems to peek out of an opening on its sloping plot.

It was designed and built during the same time period as the museum and is called Little Louisiana. The 60's villa is decorated with personality and has a classic and timeless aura. Karina has been looking for designs that resonate with the house's architecture and history, for which they fell head over heels.

"We wanted to find furnishings from the same time period as the house or earlier but have a twist of modern furniture and works of art." Karina loves art and Danish artists mainly decorate the house.

Otherwise, her art has no common denominator, she wants all works to express their own story. Similarly, she has many heirlooms in the home that tell her story.

The house is bathed in daylight from large glass sections and allows paintings and sculptures to shine, just like in the house
role model.

While her style of bags is minimalist, she describes the home as decorative and cozy. The whole of the home is similar
to an outfit where styles can be mixed, minimalism can be one of them. The handbag for her is the icing on the cake in an outfit.