Many Danes have been glued to the screen the past many Sundays to follow the unfolding of events in the star-studded TV show ‘Oxen’.

There is no doubt there’s been no pause when it comes to murder, intrigue and mystery in every single episode. However, in the midst of all the hectic events, the observant viewer, with a taste for Danish bag design, might have spotted a unique one on the arm of Frigg Mossman. 

The bag accompanying Frigg Mossman on her thrilling adventures is our Stella Big Tote in the elegant colour Clay. Whether securely held in her hand or resting on the backseat of the sleek red Tesla, it adds a touch of sophistication to the chief of police/PET.

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Stella Big Tote: An elegant associate to the chief of PET

It is no secret Ellen Hillingsø is a talented as well as loved actress among the Danish people. Having undertaken many big roles during her career, she now takes on the role of the distant, sophisticated and well-dressed chief of PET. 

Speaking of well-dressed, Frigg Mossman is often seen with a tote-bag from Decadent in a gorgeous brown colour. A bag which has one large compartment as well as a small closable compartment with a zipper - in other words, the perfect bag for a 15” laptop and everything else you might need during a busy everyday. The tote bag makes sure you’ve got everything easily on-hand, such as ID-cards or keys.

Our Stella Big Tote Bag is a popular lady, which is very understandable. She represents the oldest sister in our tote-bag family of three. Despite her size, Stella is incredibly light-weight. A grab-and-go bag, who accompanies you, whether or not your everyday is as intense and thrilling as Frigg Mossman’s.

Stella is processed in the most superb leather, and you’ll find her in crisp colours such as Clay, Mocha, Black, Croco Black and Apricot Orange. 

Style nr. 742

Measurements: L: 31CM, H: 37CM, D: 17CM



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big tote - Clay


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big tote - Clay


A tote bag for the confident woman

At Decadent we design bags for the confident, responsible and respectful woman, who values quality in all parts of her life, from the things she invests in, to the things that she does. Our Stella Big Tote is timeless, has no logos or overpowering details and suits all women no matter what age across lifestyles, jobs and status - truly a classic bag in quality leather and a stylish design, which you can use again and again. 

At Decadent quality and functionality is at the core of everything we do, and all our bags are handmade in Turkey by a family-owned business. It is important to us, that there’s both heart and history behind our bags and the craft it is to create bags that stay relevant throughout changing times and trends. 

Do you want the same bag as Frigg Mossman?

If you want a tote bag that has space for all the most important everyday essentials and which at the same time completes any outfit, then Stella Big Tote is a great investment. Stella is a timeless bag in high quality leather that stands the test of time and changing fashion trends, making it a versatile accessory for any season. 

If you’re brave, you can choose one of the eye-catching beautiful colours, and if you enjoy the simple and stylish look, you can do as Frigg Mossman and choose a Stella Big Tote in the classy colour Clay.